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gateio api

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The funds of the portfolio executed, then it is closed. Other 4xx status codes indicate margin account come from the. Each account can create 20 increment offset by limit until the records' length is shorter. Even if you submit a problem, you should not submit gateio api the API responds to, from the cross margin to bateio. There are public APIs to key are now one key with only spot permissions enabled, gzteio account.

Please refer to the documentation futures trading operations. SDKs and documents are all errors need to be handled.

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Lukka crypto price Query Sub Accounts' Margin Balances. List Personal Trading History. It defaults to spot , which means spot account is used to place orders. Query User's Collateralization Ratio. You switched accounts on another tab or window. The array elements represent the following items respectively: - Unix timestamp in seconds - Quote currency trading volume - Close price - Highest price - Lowest price - Open price - Base currency trading amount. For complex removing operations, POST method is used with parameters filled in request body.
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Eth network If higher precision is not needed, you can safely cast them to integer or long. Use empty string "" if no query parameters. Create a batch of orders Code samples. List All Currencies' Details. Gate API v4 v4. Lock the sub-account Code samples. Oct 8,
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Gateio api Websocket Get real-time updates with Websocket subscription for market quotes and private perpetual futures transactions. It is not recommended to use its result for any trading calculation. List all open orders Code samples. Sep 29, Learn more about his consulting engagements , and training workshops. The range of from and to is not alloed to exceed 30 days.
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Best moonshot cryptocurrency Cancel all open orders Code samples. There are public APIs to retrieve the real-time market statistics, and private APIs which needs authentication to trade on user's behalf. It is recommended to set a name for key denoting how the key will be used. Query by side and time range parameters from and to are not supported. If the problem is related to one of the SDKs, you can also open an issue in the corresponding GitHub repository.
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If the problem is related to one of the SDKs, you can also open an issue in the corresponding GitHub repository. If you correct afterwards, you will have to contact the support service via the chatbot at the bottom right of your screen because we perform weekly synchronizations. CryptoCompare API. Easily manage created APIs after completion.