Crypto asset recovery

crypto asset recovery

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Crypto Asset Recovery - YC Application (2021)
We recover digital assets, like Bitcoin and Ether, stable coins, non-fungible tokens and all other crypto assets, whether due to fraud, payment of a ransom. If digital assets are held outside a centralised exchange, the recovery process could prove even more problematic. A proprietary or freezing injunction could. At Crypto Asset Recovery we work one on one with our clients to give them the best chance of recovering what could be life-changing ammounts of cryptocurrency.
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Ocassionally, there are some lost crypto wallets that are simply irrecoverable. Whether they are tangible or intangible assets remains in debate; many digital assets meet the definition of both. In this session, we will cover a range of UK and overseas case studies that will allow us to explore the different strategies used to approach crypto asset recovery around the world by other professionals in addition to: A beginners guide to crypto assets focusing on the areas relevant to your industry The opportunities and risks involved with cryptocurrency assets to inform your decisions International best practices in recovering, managing and selling the most common cryptocurrency assets. Shane McElhatton Right arrow Associate.